Worried about your cyber security?

In the modern world, identity theft and other attacks on your personal information through the internet are increasingly becoming more commonplace.  The effects of such a cyber attack can be catastrophic.  Citing a Kaspersky Labs risk survey study, Business News Daily reports that cyber security breaches on individuals and businesses will create costs of $180 billion over the next few years.  Because of this startling information, you may decide that you want your insurance policy to cover cyber attacks; however, cyber insurance is typically not included in a homeowner’s general liability policy!  Not to worry, though—many carriers do offer cyber insurance and we can help you find the right one to fit your needs.

Election out of Cyber Insurance

Want to elect out of coverage?  That’s ok—we understand that you may want not want to take out this policy and we have drafted a specialized form for those who request to elect out of this type of coverage.  Be sure to read this carefully!  We’ve provided that form here in Adobe Acrobat format: Voluntary Election Not to Purchase Cyber Insurance 

At Value Insurance Agency Inc. we work with different carriers of cyber security insurance coverage and can place you with the best provider for the best price.  If you are interested in setting up your cyber insurance policy and protecting yourself against cyber attacks today, contact us at (703) 351-7878 or agent@valueinsuranceinc.com!

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